At Greeley Wellness Center, we pride ourselves in helping our patients restore and maintain health with natural quality care. See what some of our happy satisfied patients have to say about their experience with us.  

-Rick b. gREELEY

"I have experienced neck pain since the early 1980's. With adjustments from Dr. Bauer, I am experiencing less pain now than what I did 30 years ago. I would strongly recommend consulting a chiropractor. What pleases me most in this course of treatment at this office is their ease of scheduling and knowledge of chiropractic."

Patient of 8 years

-Melissa G. Greeley

"I suffered for weeks after my accident, but after visiting Greeley Wellness Center, I am pain free!"

Patient of  3 years

-Sara J. Evans

"Just being able to get through the day without neck and back pain is a relief. With Dr. Bauer's exceptional Chiropractic care, I feel like a new and improved person."

Patient of 4 years

-Thomas B. Briggsdale

"Without Dr. Bauer, I would be in a lot of pain. His professional approach has helped me physically and my overall health has improved greatly just from the first visits. Don't Wait!! Dr. Bauer will be able to help you. They are very professional. and treat you like family. What has pleased me the most about this office is the pain relief and Dr. Bauer's recommendations regarding my overall well-being. Thanks for caring for your patients!!"

Patient of 8 years