What to expect on your first visit with us


The first time new patients visit Greeley Wellness Center, they can be sure their health and well being concerns are our first priority. Once a patient is greeted by a member of our friendly staff, a thorough health record is created that allows Dr. Bauer to work closely with each patient to create the right treatment plan for long-term benefits

This first visit is a Free initial consultation* that takes less than an hour to complete. During this time, Dr. Bauer will ask a variety of questions in order to better understand a patients issues and develop the best strategies for restoring health and/or mobility. Patients can expect to complete an in-depth health questionnaire, either beforehand or during this visit that will give Dr. Bauer the information he needs to complete a personal history and thorough evaluation in order to develop a subsequent treatment plan.  Click the link below to download a new patient form to save time!

The second step during the initial consultation is to check for a variety of imbalances. For example, a client may come in complaining of migraines that may be caused by underlying factors that aren't yet apparent. 

We want to understand the whole person, not just one aspect of a person’s health. Our approach to health is to look at the body’s entire system, which is a more holistic approach to wellness that traditional chiropractic care.
-Dr. Richard Bauer

The third step is to give our clients a series of pamphlets so they can be educated about their own health and treatment options available to them. Clients can expect to learn about Chiropractic care and how to get faster relief and better results, the nervous systems function in overall health, and relief care vs corrective for short term vs. long term results.

Because we cover a lot of information during the first visit, treatment doesn't begin until the second visit unless a client needs immediate treatment for pain relief. That is all there is to it. Call today for a Free initial consultation: (970)352-4312

 Click the link below to download a new patient form to save time!

(*The consultation is free because Dr. Bauer doesn't want money to get in the way of potential patients learning about Greeley Wellness Center's approach to good health and seeking the right treatment to live a healthier, pain-free life.)

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